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While your grades gently weep, enter the world of rock giants, deep talks and great drinks, all while being a part of a worthy cause.
After the success of Midnight in Reims, Fly me to the moon is proud to present you its second event @ Le Cabasson.

This time we'll travel through several decades with the musicians who signed the history of rock. we're talking about the Queen, the Beatles, the Doors, Nirvana and much more.

The drill is the same as last time, great music, great performers and a chill night to destress from our rentrée.

Save the date: November 14th, 20h-24h, le Cabasson.

Dress code for this event will give you two choices: be a hippie or be a rebel, you choose what most represents your personality and keep it creative!

Performances sign-up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd_akda9QuH570HoHZkpjfm_Z7PAlX6CLFExJIwzqXr7w5WCQ/viewform

We will sell tickets starting Thursday, November 9th , at lunchtime in the glass hallway, with price being the same as last time (5€).

Until then dream on and see you there.

Yours truly,

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